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The phenomenon of counterfeiting in the cosmetics industry is a real problem impacting the lives of women, thus causing problems of cosmetic burns. Regardless of their degree of severity, burns require appropriate care to avoid complications.






A cosmetic burn is an injury that primarily affects the skin and body tissues. It can be caused by chemical substances or lightening and bleaching active ingredients that destroy the natural barrier represented by the skin. You should know that as you use stripping products; your skin seeks to protect itself. This is why you will see these black patches appear on certain areas of the body. The severity of a burn depends on its extent, location and degree. In the first degree, the skin is red, without blisters. In the second degree, the skin has fluid-filled blisters. In the third degree, the skin is black or whitish and insensitive. In terms of extent, a burn is serious when its surface is more than half the palm of the victim's hand. Burns localized to the eyes, nose, hands, natural orifices, genitals or inner thighs are classified as serious burns.


Complications are primarily local. The main risk is that the healing is of poor quality, which will have aesthetic consequences. Depending on its depth, the healing of a burn can be more or less difficult. It may require care ranging from two to several weeks. Dehydration is another immediate complication of a burn.


A burn can be caused by heat, friction or a chemical substance. How to prevent them? More than half of women complain of having black patches after applying cosmetic products. To avoid them, we advise you to cleanse your body by spraying a thermal water mist and follow with a cotton towel to remove dead skin and impurities without irritating. Prevent sunburn. Every day before exposing yourself to the sun, it is necessary to pass a cream you need a cream without perfume, and especially without alcohol on the skin like the one that we are going to present to you at the bottom of this article in order to better moisturize and protected it.


  • Treating burns starts with knowing the source of the problem itself. Once aware of this, he must go through the steps of: Ø Regeneration: which is the replenishment of dead skin cells; Ø Hydration: because the dry skin that is found on your body needs to be softened; Ø Nutrition and protection: these actions will provide the elasticity and suppleness that the epidermis needs and the smoothing of the skin while tightening its tissues. For these steps to be respected and carried out, it would be necessary to use natural active ingredients (plants and vegetable oils) such as:

  • Sweet almond oil: promotes skin repair and reduces the skin's irritability threshold.

  • Shea butter: is ideal for moisturizing and whitening your dark skin naturally which will rid the blackness on these affected areas

  • The aloe gel will see hydrate scar and soften the affected parts.

  • Cocoa butter soothes, relieves and restores comfort to the skin.

  • Honey: anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, nourishing and healing. Etc… We know very well that finding these resources and the excerpts is not at all easy. Especially since it is still necessary to find those of good quality. It is for this reason that we have brought all this and more than 16 plants together in this magnificent cream; “vergy cream”. It is designed to treat all burn problems and restore softness and full life to the skin. Thanks to this cream, you will be able to appreciate your complexion again by enhancing each part of your body. I leave you as a testimony its few ladies who have found satisfaction after using this cream. NB: at the level of treatment, provide the same images of natural products as there are on the site concerning the article on burns. ·At the level of the paragraph where the vergy cream is written, put the image of the vergy cream next to it.

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