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Divorced Milf

In this script for an erotic audio, a divorced woman is on an vacation with her friends, only for them to ditch her. She soon finds out about an island legend about a creature who stalks the jungles, looking for lonely women.

divorced milf

Here I am: a newly divorced, big-titted cougar in her sexual prime, hot on the prowl for a young man to fuck, and I'm stuck sitting alone at a bar, sucking on some fruity island drink when I should be sucking 20-year old cock!

To make matters worse, my backstabbing girlfriends have gone off and abandoned me! They went out to grab a few drinks last night, and never came back! I bet they found a couple of cute island boys and spent the entire day fucking their brains out, those sluts! They were always like that back when I was married, going off on their own to find hot guys to fuck, and leaving me with my limp-dicked hubby. I thought things would change once I got divorced, but I suppose old habits die hard.

Ms. Ekhinos, a recently divorced and busty MILF, has finally achieved her dream. She's opened a boarding house for young women to live in. Little does she know, her sultry tenants won't quite be human. 041b061a72

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