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Notable by their absence are top-level domains that Google itself owns, such as .google. The ad giant was the second largest applicant for new gTLDs, paying $185,000 each for 101 different dot-things ranging from .ads to .zip and pretty much everything in between.

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A strange thing happened at 1:20 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 29. I was learning more about the Google Domains interface, and typed and clicked search domains. To my surprise, was showing as available!

As soon as I completed purchase, I received two emails, one from, and one from, which is not the norm when you book domains via Google Domains as I have booked new, previously un-registered domains before, and I have never received emails from the above aliases on booking the domains. I will not share the contents of the emails here given they relate to the domain. The domain also successfully appeared in my Google Domains order history.

Domain Name System (DNS (opens in new tab)) is the internet's system for converting alphabetic names into numeric IP addresses. For example, when you enter a URL (, the DNS servers immediately return the IP address assigned to that domain name, and that's how you access the website.

Sanmay took to his LinkedIn page to recount the tale of how scurrying through the Google Domains interface at 1:20 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, September 29, then typing in in search -- out of curiosity perhaps -- led him to the inexplicable moment. 041b061a72

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